Nisyros Island Villages

Nisyros is one of the smallest islands located in the Dodecanese. It has a round shape and the area stretches 41 sq. km. Its distance from Kardamena (Kos) is 1 hour and from Kos’s main harbour 1.5 hour. The island is rich in natural beauties and has a great cultural history. The first striking geologic characteristic of the island is of course the volcano which will make a strong impression and an awe-inspiring first sight. The volcano is currently active (but not erupting) and due to its craters’ easy access thousands of visitors flow to see it. Mandraki is the island’s main harbour and capital with its small white houses spreading before the grand rocky background where the church of Panagia Spiliani stands. The view from the church is truly magnificent. 8 km to the southeastern side lies the Emporeios village with only a few permanent residents. Further to the south is Nikia village with the noteworthy monastery of Saint John (Agios Ioannis) with its main paved with pebbles square, Porta. 4 km northeast from Mandraki you will find Paloi, a beautiful coastal village. Daily trips are also possible to the small near by islands Gyali, Pirgousa, Pachia and Strogyli or even take a round trip of the island with a small boat. The presence of the volcano and the small villages’ undisturbed atmosphere will be an experience to remember.
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